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Room 1: Superbugs

The future of life on earth is at risk due to an antibiotic resistant Superbug which is fast spreading across the planet. Whilst breeding rare insects, a Professor of Entomology has discovered a new extremely powerful antibiotic. The Professor plans to sell this antibiotic at an obscenely inflated price.

You are a team of vigilantes who have broken into the Professor’s research facility during a conference. You have exactly one hour to collect as many rare insects as possible and secure your means of escape. Time is limited so you must work quickly. The future of the human race is in your hands.

Room 2: Air Raid

Welcome to Britain during the Blitz. The country is at war and being subjected to bombing raids. Your team has taken refuge in an air raid shelter but bomb debris has blocked your exit. The air raid warden has taken ill and is in need of urgent medical care. With only an hour to escape, the pressure is on to find a way out quickly. Has your team got the skills to escape and seek the medical help needed? Can you escape the air raid shelter?

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