Rumours have recently been circulating amongst the closely knit communities along the Suffolk Coast of strange activity at a seemingly abandoned farm building. Periodic convoys of military vehicles with tinted windows supported by armed soldiers are often heard but seen by only a few late night travellers.

The whispered talk in local shops and pubs is of strange lights seen hovering silently over wheat fields, reminiscent of reported UFO sightings in nearby Rendlesham in the 1980s.

The proximity to the power station at Sizewell has given rise to suspicion of illicit experimentation. The locals are unnerved.

As a band of determined UFO hunters one of your team has hacked the security of the base but the time window of opportunity is just one hour before the security overrides are switched off. You must search the area thoroughly and work out what is going on in this remote corner of Suffolk. Is this a secret military installation disguised as an abandoned farm complex or are mysterious forces at work? Could this be Britain’s Area 51?

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